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Welsh Eye Health Examination

At Allport Opticians we are pleased to be able to offer the Welsh Eye Health Examination for patients who may be at greater risk of eyes disease and for patients who experience sudden eye problems.
Mr Allport is an accredited Optometrist who is also able to offer Low Vision Assessments through the Low Vision Service Wales.
Unfortunately in some cases spectacles alone are unable to provide enough help and extra help from a magnifying aid is required. The Low Vision Service Wales is able to supply a variety of magnifiers from simple hand magnifiers through to sophisticated electronic magnifiers with both the assessment and any required aids being funded by the Welsh Government.

NHS Eye Examination

Our optometrists carry out comprehensive private and NHS eye examinations. Please ask our practice teams for details of current private professional charges

NHS Entitlements
The following groups of people are entitled to an NHS funded eye examination at no charge:

Children under 16 or under 19 and still in full time education
People of 60 years and older
Those who receive, or whose partner receives, income support, income-based jobseekerís allowance or pension credit guarantee credit
Those with glaucoma
Those with diabetes
People over 40 with a first degree relative (parent, sibling or child) who has or has had glaucoma
People advised by an ophthalmologist that they are at risk of glaucoma
Those registered blind or partially sighted
People entitled to NHS complex lens vouchers
Those named on a valid NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate or an HC2 voucher
You can apply for a HC2 voucher by filling in an HC1 form "Are you entitled to help with health costs?" This leaflet is available from our practices, post offices and GP surgeries.


Contact Lens Aftercare Plan
£6 per month entitles you to all required contact lens and sight tests.
Discount on Contact Lenses and Solutions.
After 6 months of payments, 20% discount on spectacles, sunglasses and accessories

Spectacle Budget Plan
6 months interest free credit or
12 months credit at 8% APR

Private Sight Test: £25
Initial Contact Lens Consultation: £45
Follow up Aftercare: £30
Colorimetry: £60
Sight Test including colored overlay test: £40 (£20 if NHS entitlement)
Overlay Test only: £20


Single Vision Lenses from: £48
Initial Contact Lens Consultation: £45
Bifocal Lenses from: £78
Varifocal Lenses from: £95

Reglaze charge (new lenses to own frame)

Standard Bevel to Metal or plastic frame: Usualy No Charge
Own Rimless: £50
Own Supra (nylon cord): £10

Contact Lenses (All prices per month)

Daily Wear from: £21
Monthly wear from: £11.50
Extended wear from: £13.50
Toric from: £17
Daily wear Toric from: £33
Tinted from: £16
Varifocal from: £23
RGP from: £132